Assessment of IQ, learning strengths and developmental areas

Once your child has started school, he or she may not be coping with school or homework, or generally at home. This could result in your child having trouble with reading, spelling, handwriting, following instructions, listening in class, completing work, behaving appropriately or making friends.

We offer a detailed assessment which looks at your child’s strengths, abilities and difficulties in the following areas:

Intellectual Abilities (Verbal and Non-Verbal IQ)
Emotional maturity and coping skills
Academic abilities: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Comprehension & Maths
Hand-eye co-ordination and fine-motor control
Language development
Practical reasoning ability
Ability to pay attention
Motivation to finish work
Ability to work independently and correct mistakes

What does a full psycho-educational assessment of learning involve?

An in-depth interview with the parent(s) to gain information on the child’s developmental history.
The assessment takes approximately 4 – 5 hours depending on the child’s pace and progress on each task.
A feedback session is scheduled one week from the day of assessment to discuss results and recommendations.
A comprehensive written report will be provided.

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