Continued professional development (CPD)


PsychAssess run a small meeting group for professionals (Psychologists, Registered Counsellors, Psychometrists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists etc.) who are interested in psychometry and psychology – the group is accredited for CPD points through the HPCSA. CPD

Activity Programme for a small group meeting discussing professional development issues

We meet from 9 am – 12 pm at the Psych Assess office.

3 CPD points for general topics and 6 ethics points for ethics talks

Approximately 18 general CPD points and 12 ethics points if you attend all talks


R700 –  to become an annual member (come to as many talks as you want, just book a place at least a week in advance

R200 a meeting if you plan to just attend one/a few meetings a year


23 February 2016 – Topic: Biographical Questionnaires & Interviews for School-Readiness, IQ and Career Choice Assessments

Content Outline:

• What questions to ask
• How to ask questions diplomatically
• The Importance of good questionnaires and interviews
• Case Studies

15 March 2016 – Topic: Starting and running a private practice

Content Outline:

  • Skills needed to run a private practice
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Office Space
  • Start-up Expenses
  • Working with other professional staff
  • Tax deductions, book keeping
  • Billing Clients
  • Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Marketing, Maintaining a practice
  • Looking after yourself

24 May 2016 – Topic: Ethics related to the assessment of young children and adolescents

Content Outline:

• Testing is not voluntary for the child – they may feel forced. You can obtain informed assent from the child.
• Who signs consent? Is the parent the legal guardian? Sometimes other people bring children for assessment (e.g. social worker, step mother, older sibling). What happens with divorced parents?
• Explain limits to confidentiality – who will know the results.
• It is important to be sensitive and emphasize a child’s strengths when conveying results

21 June 2016 – Psychopathology in children

Content Outline:

• Changes in DSM-4 criteria from previous years
• Overview of common childhood psychopathological conditions
• Discussion of some case studies

12 July 2016 – Professional ethics in business for Psychometrists

Content Outline:

• Ethics of governance: In the spirit of the SA Constitution (108 of 1996) and Companies Act (71 of 2008)
“Organisations should build an ethical culture”
• Legislation with regard to a business
• Definitions of ethical behavior & Integrity
• What drives people to unethical behaviour
• Overlap between self, law, business policies and values to decide on ethical behavior
• Case Studies

13 September 2016 – Sensory Integration in Kids

Content Outline:

• What is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
• SID or Highly Sensitive Children or Spirited kids?
• How do we recognize it in children? ADHD vs SPD?
• What are the implications of SPD?
• What recommendations should we make to parents?

18 October 2016 – The power of play – stimulating kids’ EQ and IQ

Content Outline:

• What is emotional intelligence
• The Difference Between IQ and EQ
• EQ – Predictor of Success in the Workplace
• How to build EQ in children
• How to Assess EQ in children

15 November 2016 – School Readiness & the use of the JSAIS

Content Outline:

• What is school readiness?
• What does a school readiness battery consist of?
• Behavioural observations
• Cognitive assessment
• Muscle development
• Emotional well-being
• Social development

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